Inception's Objectives

This agency is headed by foreign professors with a team of translators from around the world. Team members include university professors, engineers, specialized professionals and translators with over 10 years of translation experience. Each team member has excelled in their fields and earned distinguished reputations. In accordance with the concept of " feedback to society", each and every one of our members are now teaming up to provide excellence in the field of translating and enable talented Taiwanese to be known internationally by means of quality translations.

Because our team members are completely united in our goal of providing excellence, we are able to achieve the following:
1.Reliability - We strive to serve each client’s requirements and meet the assigned deadlines for each project.
2.Quality Assurance – translated documents inspected by a foreign professor before delivery.
3.Affordability – general documents will be inexpensive. Fees will be negotiable for technical documents.
4.Service – We genuinely care about providing you with the best service you can get and will endevour to exceed your expectations of us.



In an effort to provide you with the best possible service, our Project Specialists not only have experience in sales, but also translating. Therefore during consultations, they can provide accurate information on types of documents, provide immediate response to customer needs, and assign an appropriate translator to translate the document . After translation, proofreading will be passed to a team member who has been living and studying abroad for many years. Upon delivery, the document will be examined and edited by a foreign professor for utmost quality assurance.

Team of Translators

They are the elite in their area of expertise in translation as both domestic and international translators. Quality control is overseen by a foreign professor,with vast experience. More importantly, each team member believes in the concept of giving back to society, thereby offering a low cost, quality translation service able to be incorporated internationally.

1.Translation Process – Initial translation, proofread, editing, typesetting, printing
2.Reliable easy procedures – Fee quotation, delivery of translated document, payment
3.Test Translation – We are more than willing to prove ourselves through test translations
4.Availability – We are available any time, day or night, to serve you
5.Quality Assurance – Post-translation changes will be provided at no extra cost


TaiTa Translation Agency handles all translation documents from individual parties or private organizations in accordance with confidentiality agreements. Aside from protecting the interests of the customers, it is also to protect the rights and respect of the customer’s privacy, therefore this agency has received good grace and trust from organizations of central governments and various large-scale enterprises.

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